We are sure you have questions, and we are here to answer them.

Q: Can you use Controlfreq with ANY phone?

A: Right now Controlfreq only works with Android devices 4.2 and up

Q: What if I want an app with a more personalized look  or something that is themed with my build?

A: We do offer custom apps for businesses, clubs, and individuals. Please contact us  for pricing

Q: How do I pair my tablet/phone to Controlfreq?

A: There are video tutorials on all of our socials (see links at bottom of the page), if you still can't connect please contact us

Q: How far away can I use Controlfreq?

A: Transmission range for a class 2 bluetooth device is approx. 10 meters(33 feet), but the PRO model boast over 75 ft. in clear line of sight. 

Q: How much a month is it to use Controlfreq from my device?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! as long as you have bluetooth on your device you can operate Controlfreq.

Q: What voice commands can I use?

A: ANY! that's the beauty, you can program any voice command to operate any channel of your Controlfreq

Q: Will I need to take it to a mechanic to  have it installed?

A: No, most accessories can be controlled using a single wire from Controlfreq, we designed this with the do it yourselfer in mind. However, if you feel uncomfortable we highly recommend having Controlfreq professionally installed. 

Q: What do you suggest I use Controlfreq on?

A: The choices are endless, radio turn on leads, lock/unlock doors, air horns, air/nitrous valves, LEDs, windows, sunroofs. use your imagination! We are excited to see what you come up with!

Q: Where do I install Controlfreq?

A: We recommend a cool, dry, environment such as inside of your vehicle, However we are working on solutions for the harsh environment of SXS and marine customers.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: On most of our products we offer a 1 year warranty that covers ANY manufacture defects.

Q: If I have a problem, how do I get in touch with you?

A: Email is the best way, but feel free to contact us through facebook, tiktok, youtube and  instagram as well!